1. How to Clean Your Bed Covers

    Cleaning your Bed Covers can be easier than you think

    While your selection of a mattress is the most essential decision towards a good night's sleep, most of us care a great deal about the bedspread, comforter or quilt that covers our bed. The bed covers can set the style and tone of the bedroom and can be a costly investment. That's why it's important to care for them correctly.

    Make the Best Bed Cover Shopping Decisions

    The first step to caring for your bed covers is to make some wise decisions when shopping. For a seldom used guest room, a dry clean only comforter is not a big problem. For a kid's bed or if you have animals that enjoy spending time in your bed,

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  2. All the Things You Can Do in Bed (That Don't Start with the Letter S)

    Things to do in Bed

    What's that you say? The only things you can think of to do in bed start with the letter S? Sure, those might be some of the most popular human activities, but your bed is good for so much more than that.

    1. Avoid Your Mom

    Sure, she gave birth to you, but now she won't let you forget it. When your mom pops over for yet another chat, close your bedroom door. Tell her you have a headache and need a nap. Proceed to binge watch "Orange Is the New Black."

    2. Jump for Joy

    If you haven't jumped on the bed since you were a kid, you've been missing out. It's great cardio, loads of fun and maybe just a teeny bit dangerous (especially if you have a ceiling fan). If

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  3. Sleepy Foods


    Better Food Choices = Better Sleep

    All of us have made the mistake of having that last cup of espresso or overeating too close to bedtime and then having trouble falling asleep. Or if we manage to get to sleep, we don't feel rested in the morning because our bodies were so stimulated with caffeine or too busy digesting a big meal to fully relax.

    Nutritionists now know that there are even more correlations than imagined between what we choose to eat during the day and our sleep habits. By making wiser food choices to consume the nutrients needed for overall health, we can actually improve our sleep.

    Food Choices That Promote Restful Sleep

    • Dairy Products: Milk, yogurt and cottage cheese a
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  4. How to Clean Your Sofa

    How to Clean Your Sofa

    Messy Kid Eating

    Whether you are taking a power nap or you fall asleep watching TV, most of us spend some time sleeping on our sofa. Of course we also sit, snack and share the sofa with our pets. As the centerpiece in most living rooms, it takes plenty of abuse. So, what's the best way to keep the sofa as clean and stain-free as possible?

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is a theory that works when selecting a sofa. If you know the piece will get lots of use, select a sofa that has durable upholstery or use a removable slipcover that can be easily cleaned. For the

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  5. Is There a Wrinkle in Your Beauty Sleep?

    Wrinkled Like Dogs

    There is absolutely no debate that a good night's sleep is essential to our mental and physical health. Sleep is even vital to our appearance. That's why everyone suggests getting seven to eight hours of beauty sleep to prevent dark circles under our eyes and to produce more HGH (human growth hormone) that helps keep skin thicker and more elastic. But is there a wrinkle hiding in all that beauty sleep?

    The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) warns that sleeping in certain positions night after night leads to an accumulation of wrinkles or sleep lines that etch into the surface of the delicate facial skin. These aren't the impressions of the pillow or wrinkled sheet that eventually disappear. These wrinkles remain and increase as we age due to the repe

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  6. 7 Ways to a Better Night's Sleep

    Better Nights Sleep

    Insomnia is an epidemic. Eve

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  7. How To Reduce Bedroom Allergens for Better Sleep

    Bedroom Allergens got you stuffy?

    Do you wake each morning with puffy eyes and a stuffy nose? The cause could be a reaction to allergens in your bedroom. Allergies can cause physical symptoms like breathing issues that interfere with sleep and leave us feeling groggy the next day. Severe allergies require the help of a doctor; but there are things you can do to reduce the allergens in your home, especially in the bedroom, to help you get a good night's sleep.

    Since a great portion of our life is spent in bed, selecting a hypoallergenic mattress system and pillows is an excellent place to start. We are constantly shedding dead skin cells that attract dust

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  8. RIP The Moo's

    It’s with great sadness today that we remember the life of Moo Moo – trusted friend, product tester, model and memory foam lover.

    Moo Moo Mustache

    Moo Moo was the inspiration behind many Nature's Sleep products. He is best known for his assistance in the development of the Nature's Sleep memory foam pet bed. And boy did he love his pet bed!

    Moo Moo Working Moo Moo Playing

    As any pet owner can appreciate, the unconditional love, without judgement, provided by man’s best friend is priceless. W

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  9. What's the Difference Between Memory Foam and Latex?

    If you're searching for a better night's sleep, you might have considered purchasing a memory foam or latex mattress. With so many companies offering both types of mattress, you may find yourself wondering what exactly the differences are between the two. Read on for the key differences between latex and memory foam mattresses that are important to understand before you make your choice.

    What really is the difference between Memory Foam and Latex

    Pressure Relief

    On the one hand, memory foam molds itself to the contours of your body, which means that it reduces pressure points. Many people find that memory foam mattresses allow them to sleep more comfortably, without feeling pressure on any particular part of their body. On the other hand, a latex mattr

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  10. How Can I Sleep Better?

    Do you find yourself counting sheep instead of drifting off into dreamland every night? Inadequate sleep can affect your job, your relationships and your life. Here are some tips to improve your quality of sleep.

    How Can I Sleep Better

    Caffeine Free

    Have you been guzzling caffeinated drinks all day and night? Caffeine keeps you awake; it increases adrenaline and blocks the chemicals in your brain that induce sleep. If you can't live without caffeine, stop drinking anything caffeinated several hours before you head to bed. Try drinking decaffeinated coffee or tea, or herbal tea instead; you might be

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