Life can be busy, especially during summertime when the kids are out of school. With all of the hustle and bustle, it is still important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finding the balance between the right amount of exercise and the perfect amount of sleep can be difficult, but once you find that balance, the results are immensely positive.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find that balance.

Tips To Finding Balance Between Sleep and Exercise

  • Sleep: Every body requires the perfect amount of sleep, and that amount may vary from person to person. The right amount of sleep will help you function at your highest potential. Spend a week letting your body fall asleep and wake up without the help of sleep aids or an alarm clock. When you let your body adjust on its own, it will tell you how much sleep it needs naturally. You can then create a schedule around your body clock, allowing you to fall asleep faster and wake up more refreshed. 
  • Exercise: Just like sleep, every body requires a specific amount of exercise. It is vital to know how much exercise your body can take. Begin with lower weight and lower intervals and your body will slowly and naturally build strength and stamina. Cardio is also a vital portion of any exercise routine, which also needs to be built up slowly over time. Remember not to work yourself too hard or quickly. When you over do it your body will require a longer healing time and you will require more time between workouts.
  • Schedule: Now that you have your plan for sleep and exercise, it is important to schedule this time accordingly. They both should be part of your daily schedule very much in the same ways brushing your teeth is. Planning out your daily schedule ensures you fit in all of your activities, including work, house chores, exercise and even the time you need to sleep. Having a daily schedule will help you to achieve the full benefits of regularly working out and a good night's sleep.

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What does your sleep and exercise routine look like?