By now you should know that a good mattress is an absolutely essential part of a proper night’s sleep. But did you know that having a good mattress isn't enough if you have a bad pillow? While a good memory foam pillow can improve your sleep drastically, a bad pillow can worsen, or even cause problems like headaches, breathing problems, and neck pain. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can cause you to wake up feeling tired and stiff. 

A memory foam pillow will help to align your body while you sleep. When you lay down, your head should be evenly aligned with your shoulders, as if you're standing. Many experts believe the type of pillow you need depends on your primary sleeping position. Do you sleep on your back? If so, a thin or contoured pillow is a better pillow for you. Either of these pillows will keep your head straight and aligned with your body. If you sleep on your stomach, a firmer flat pillow is the best option. If you sleep on your side, then you need a firmer, thicker pillow to keep your head aligned right with your shoulders while sleeping.

Your comfort also depends on what your pillow is made of. There are many options out there, including memory foam, polyester fiber-fill, foam, feather, and latex. The fact of the matter is that choosing a pillow is a very personal decision, however more and more experts are recommending a memory foam pillow because they adjust to your size and shape while you sleep to provide optimum support no matter what position you sleep in!

Shopping for pillows can be frustrating, especially if you have neck or back problems, but don't give up! A good quality memory foam pillow is absolutely essential to your health, and is always a good investment. 

What position do you sleep in? Does your current pillow support you?