It's a well-known fact that most of us don't get the quality - or quantity - of sleep that we need. Poor sleep can impact many parts of our lives, including our moods, concentration and our health. A hectic lifestyle, sickness, stress, and depression can also affect the way that we sleep.





Instead of relying on sleeping pills or other medications, simple aromatherapy might be all you need to calm you at bedtime so that your can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. As long as you've not been medically diagnosed with a serious sleep disorder, here are some aromatherapy tips that might help you at bedtime.

  • A lavender bed linen spray can create a calming effect when sprayed lightly on your sheets and pillow cases.

  • Sandalwood scented essential oil can help easy constant worrying. Dab a few drops on your chest, breathe slowly and deeply and feel the tension in your body ease away as your drift off to sleep.

  • If headaches or acid reflux prevent you from falling asleep, Sweet Majoram essential oil after a warm shower can help. Just add a few drops to a dollop of your favorite lotion and spread on your abdomen and chest.

  • To encourage that elusive sleepy feeling, Clary Sage essential oil is key. Before crawling into your sheets, take a hot bath with a few drops clary sage essential oil in your bath water. You can also add a few drops to a tissue and tuck it inside your pillow case. Take deep breaths and you'll soon be relaxed and drifting off to sleep.

  • If depression is keeping you from a restful night's sleep, place two drops of peppermint essential oil on the back of your neck and, with the bottle under your nose, take 10-15 deep breaths for a quick way to clear your mind.

Essential oils are inexpensive and found online or at health food stores or home stores. Of course, a comfortable pillow and supportive memory foam mattress can certainly help anyone achieve the perfect night's sleep. What method do you find helps you sleep soundly?