Sleep Apps

Sleep has become such a hot commodity, we have even employed our technology to help get the job done for us. From sleep disorders to white noise, there's an app for that! We did some digging and found the best iPhone sleep apps to help you get your best night's sleep!

5 iPhone Sleep Apps (That will make you want to crawl into your memory foam mattress!)

Deep Sleep

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is the king of alarm clocks. Not only does it track and analyze your sleep cycle, it also knows the best time to wake you up! Using algorithms, it calculates when you are in your lightest sleep cycle and gradually wakes you up using the screen back-lighting to simulate an actual sunrise. What a pleasure!

Breathing Exercise

Long Deep Breathing

We all know that deep breathing is great for stress relief, but it is also beneficial when it comes to getting the shut eye that you need. Going to bed stressed out is pointless, you'll never get the proper sleep you need. Next time, pull out your iPhone and get to deep breathing. Not only will you be able to relax, but you'll breathe yourself straight into a deep, carefree slumber.

Deep Sleep App

Deep Sleep With Andrew Johnson

This app might look boring, but that is sort of the point, right? This deep sleep app will teach you meditation techniques, teaching you slow down, relax and fall asleep naturally. This app is perfect for those who go 100 mph all day long and have trouble winding down once faced with their pillow and blankets.



This the the jack of all trades of iPhone sleep apps. From ambient noise to sleep tracker, this comprehensive application monitors what you do and when you do it. When you wake in the morning you will know how many times you moved in the course of the night and compare it the other nights on a long-term trend graph. If you aren't quite ready to fall asleep this app will even help you stay awake!

Sleep Sounds App

Sleep Sounds and Spa Music

Have you ever received a facial or a massage and almost dozed off on the table? I know I have! Chances are, the music had something to do with it. With this app, you can bring that tranquil music home with you. To really set the mood, have your partner give you a good rub down prior to hitting the hay!

I'm not going to lie. Some of these apps just LOOK like the cure for they must work, right? Go ahead and get download-happy with your iPhone and catch some zzz's, but make sure it's on a Nature's Sleep memory foam mattress!

What's your favorite sleep app?

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