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Are you on the fence about purchasing a new mattress? Buying a new mattress isn't as simple as grocery shopping, where you go to the store, buy what's on the list and everyone's happy. Other than reading the weekly ad, and clipping coupons, your weekly grocery trip probably doesn't require any research. Of course, being unhappy with a box of crackers is a lot different than choosing the wrong bed!

A good night's sleep is priceless, and mattress shopping is a much more personal experience that requires time and research. While you could ask your friends, neighbor's and family, what they like about their mattress, you may get some strange looks!

No worries, let the experts at Consumer Reports share what they learned in a recent survey of 12,000 subscribers. The survey showed 75 percent of people who bought a new mattress are sleeping better. The survey also revealed people who own a memory-foam mattress or air bed, said they slept better than on a traditional inner-spring mattress.

Advantages of a memory foam mattress include:

  • Better support for your entire body and relief on joints and pressure points
  • Temperature sensitive, a feature that enables the foam mattress to change based on the individual's body temperature, height and weight (like having a custom bed)
  • No more hard springs that dig and poke you in the night
  • Relief for allergies as memory foam mattresses don't provide room for dust mites to camp out (YUCK!)

When you think about the advances in technology and how we upgrade our cell phones, electronics, and cars to improve our comfort and productivity, it makes perfect sense that upgrading to a memory foam mattress will improve the quantity and quality of your sleep. With hectic schedules and little down time, you want to get the best sleep possible. 

What do you do first when shopping for a new mattress? Where do you do the most research when purchasing a mattress?

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