Is your memory foam mattress too soft or too hard? Maybe it is too hot? Did you know that the average person loses two cups of liquid per night while sleeping? A mattress purchase is not a purchase decision that should be taken lightly. There are many variables that go in to finding the perfect mattress for you!

3 Reasons Choosing The Right Mattress Matters

  1. Size Matters Children, teenagers, singles or couples; there is a mattress size for everyone. Children typically can get away with a Twin sized mattress, unless they are particularly tall. A Twin XL may suffice in that case. Teenagers and Full sized mattresses seem to be a perfect match. Queen sized mattresses are perfect for couples who do not want a lot of room taken up in their bedroom, but still want a little extra space to themselves. King mattresses are the most luxurious choice, offering the largest sleep space.

  2. On The Move Healthy sleepers move an average of 15-30 times per night. If you sleep next to someone, that can mean up to 60 movements per night per mattress! Nature's Sleep Memory Foam is the answer you have been looking for. Nature's Sleep minimizes nighttime disruptions with no-motion transferring in the middle of the night between you and your partner.

  3. Longevity Mattresses age and so do you. 8 years is the average life span of a mattress. When you start to notice lumps and sagging, it's probably time to consider purchasing a new mattress.

9 out of 10 people agree that a comfortable mattress is important in getting a good night's sleep. Chances are you are in the majority. Diamond Gel Mattresses offer a firm and supportive feel while still cradling the body for pressure point relief. The Glacier Gel Mattress is ideal for those who want ultra plush, soft comfort without sacrificing support. With Nature's Sleep Advanced Visco Gel Technology, there is a memory foam mattress for everyone!

How old is your mattress?