At Nature’s Sleep we want to take the grunt work out of choosing a mattress by sharing our top tips on investing in the right mattress for you. Choosing a mattress can be a headache what with all the different options out there but getting a good night's sleep is essential for short and long-term health. That is why, when choosing a mattress, you should never rush into any decisions. When choosing a mattress make sure that it complements your sleeping patterns as well as body's physical needs. Budget and your partner’s preferences are other considerations that you will need to factor in when choosing a mattress.


1. Pre-prep:

When choosing a mattress make sure you know the different mattress options.

•      Basic firm or plush: Depending on how soft or hard you like your bed you will choose from firm, firm, plush, and extra plush mattresses. Basic mattresses are made from a variety of different materials and vary greatly in quality and price.

•      Memory foam mattresses: Made from a material that molds to the shape of your body, these are excellent for people who tend to move around a lot during the night.

You also need to know about coils. A high coil count does not necessarily mean a higher-quality mattress. Interlocking coils have coils lock together while independent coils don’t fluctuate as much with movement. Know what your physical needs are. Are you a side, back, or stomach sleeper? Do you have mobility issues? Measure yourself and your sleeping partner in order to decide whether you need a queen, king or California king-size mattress. Finally settle on a budget for how much you can afford to spend.

2. Test drive:

Don’t be shy about testing out the different mattresses. Try out varying levels of thickness and firmness. Lie on a mattress for more than 10 seconds and allow yourself to actually rest. If you're too tense or impatient you wont get to genuinely experience the mattress. Remember if a mattress is not comfortable in the store, it won't comfortable at home. Once you have chosen your mattress make sure it comes with a warranty. A good idea is to buy a protective mattress cover as some mattresses come with 10-year warranties that automatically annuls if there is any sign of staining. Furthermore some warranties may require the mattress be flipped every six months. Make sure you know all the warranty details before confirming your purchase.

3. Confirm:

Once you have your mattress home really pay attention to whether you toss and turn or sleep soundly; whether you wake up feeling achy or sore; how much support the mattress gives your back; and whether you feel well rested, regardless of how much sleep you get. It should take your body around 3 to 5 days to get accustomed to a new mattress.

Find the Nature’s Sleep mattress that is right for you by contacting us and speaking to one of our sleep experts on how to choose the perfect sleep system.