The average mattress has a lifespan ranging between five to ten years. Properly caring for your mattress will ensure that its lifespan reaches the higher end of this range. The key to your mattress's longevity is how it is cared for. Mattress care can be very specific and you should always refer to the manufacturer's instructions when learning how to properly maintain your mattress. However, here are a few general tips that are great for most mattresses:

  • Turn it over- Do you have a traditional pocket-spring, or coil mattress? These mattresses require regular turning for optimum performance. This will reduce the possibility of continued wear on the same spots. Continued wear on mattress fabric may cause the user to feel "poked" by the hard springs of the mattress when they lie down. An added benefit of memory foam mattresses is that they don't require turning.
  • Cover Your Mattress- Using a mattress cover can reduce wear on your mattress as well. A mattress cover will prevent skin cells, sweat and dust from getting to your mattress.
  • Keep it Clean- Be sure to clean your mattress's support, headboard, and any other adjoined furniture regularly. This will prevent dust and debris from getting to your mattress. This is mainly a concern for spring mattresses, as the memory foam mattress's design is extremely dust resistant.
  • Air it Out- The next time that you are washing your bed covering, open a window and allow the mattress to "air out".

Every mattress will require some type of maintenance. A quality mattress that is kept in good condition will perform better and last substantially longer than it would if not properly cared for. How do you care for you mattress?