School season is upon us. Whether you are sending your kids off to school, entering college for the first time or going back to school after many years, there is one thing that all students need to be successful. Coffee might seem like the likely answer, but really, you need sleep. Academic success relies heavily on performance inside and outside of the classroom. Getting enough sleep can ensure that your mind and body are in tip top shape for learning.

  • Free Your Bedroom: You might be tempted to bring your homework and books to bed, it may not be the best idea. Your bedroom should be a peaceful place, and bringing school to bed might make it a more stressful place. In order to create an environment that encourages sleep, you need to remove all distracting materials. Have a place for work that does not overflow into your sleeping space, like a desk in the corner of your room or in another part of the house, where you keep all your school materials.
  • Unwind: Give yourself periodic breaks throughout the say and in-between study sessions. Schedule some time to unwind before going to bed each night as well to avoid stress-induced restlessness. Reading a novel, playing a favorite game on your smartphone, or just relaxing against some comfy pillows for few minutes can make a big difference in your ability to fall asleep more quickly.
  • Stay Healthy: Keeping on top of your heath is vital to academic success. Eating healthy and making time to exercise will ensure your body is staying as sharp as your mind. Schedule enough time to sleep each night, stick to a healthy diet, and make time for exercise whenever possible.


Having comfortable pillows and mattress is a step that you can take to ensure that you, or your children, have the best possible sleep environment for academic success. Nature's Sleep even carries mattresses in Twin XL, which is a common mattress size for students in dorms! Switching out that limp dorm mattress for a comfy memory foam mattress is a step in the right direction for your college student!

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