Pets and Your Sleep

How many animals do you sleep with? I'm talking about REAL animals, like dogs and cats, NOT your kids! If you are like the majority of pet owners, chances are your pet isn't just curling up at the foot of your bed. They are probably making themselves right at home on the memory foam pillow right next to you. Sure, those puppy dog eyes might be getting the best of you now...but there are legit reasons why you probably should not be letting your dog (or cat) sleep in the bed with you.

5 Ways Your Pets Are Ruining Your Memory Foam Bliss:

  1. Pet Hair: Ever wake up in the middle of the night with a dog hair in your eye or a cat hair in your mouth? Then you're not alone!
  2. Snoring: No, not your significant other. Your pets. They snore too, and are pretty decent at ruining a good night's sleep!
  3. Dirty Sheets: Animals stink. I used to sleep with my dogs. After I quit cold turkey, I realized how much longer I could go between sheet washing's. Weekly switched to bi-weekly..which is awesome considering I have a King size memory foam mattress!
  4. Intimacy Killer: There's nothing worse than an extra set of eyes on you as you try to snuggle up next to your partner. It's bad enough if you need to schedule your intimate moments around the kids, and now the cat wants to sit on your shoulder? Total mood killer!
  5. Cover Hogs: Cats and dogs have a reputation for being cover hogs. How a 10 pound cat can hog covers is beyond me, but it happens! Try waking up that 40 pound dog in the middle of the night. He'll shoot you a look dirtier than you get from your significant other!

Will you continue sleeping on your memory foam mattress with your pets now that you've been faced with the cold, hard, facts? Just think about all of those nights that you smelled your dog when your dog wasn't even in your bedroom. This might help you change your mind! I quit sleeping with my dog, so now I just have to worry about my spouse and toddler. Those are obstacles enough! Considering a new bed for a fresh start? Head over to our online store to pick our your new memory foam mattress!

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