Probably not. Studies show that on average, most people need at least an hour and a half more sleep than they are getting. Not getting the proper amount of sleep can leave you not feeling as focused, energetic, and content as you could be. You can consider yourself a part of the majority if you:

  • Experience trouble with memory and focus
  • Fall asleep as soon as you lie down
  • Have trouble waking up in the morning
  • Get fatigued quickly when driving
  • Need an alarm clock to get up in the morning

If you experience any of these conditions, then you are probably not getting an adequate amount of rest. To accurately determine how much sleep you are getting, keep in mind that you cannot simply just tally the hours from the time you go to bed at night until you wake in the morning. You should also take into consideration the time it takes to fall asleep. And if you wake up in the middle of the night, these waking hours should be factored in as well. You may find that you are really getting an hour or two less sleep than you thought.

It might also be helpful to figure out how many hours of sleep you actually need to be energized throughout the day. It is a common belief that 8 hours of sleep is needed to be properly rested. But this isn't true for everyone. To find out exactly how much sleep you need, adjust your schedule so that you can sleep a full 8 hours. Give your body a few days to adapt to the new schedule. Afterwards, you may either begin waking up earlier, or having trouble getting up . If still tired in the morning, you need to go to sleep earlier. If sleeping less than 8 hours, you can push back your bedtime.

Ideally, you are getting enough sleep when you can wake up on time naturally and make it through your day without feeling drained. Are you in need of more sleep?