Things to do in Bed

What's that you say? The only things you can think of to do in bed start with the letter S? Sure, those might be some of the most popular human activities, but your bed is good for so much more than that.

1. Avoid Your Mom

Sure, she gave birth to you, but now she won't let you forget it. When your mom pops over for yet another chat, close your bedroom door. Tell her you have a headache and need a nap. Proceed to binge watch "Orange Is the New Black."

2. Jump for Joy

If you haven't jumped on the bed since you were a kid, you've been missing out. It's great cardio, loads of fun and maybe just a teeny bit dangerous (especially if you have a ceiling fan). If you have a memory foam mattress, you can see how many footprints you can make before they start to disappear.

3. Play Games

Solitaire is fine, but your great big bed makes a better game table. Spread out that Monopoly money, challenge a friend to a 1,000-point dominoes match or play War until you fall asleep.

4. Paint Your Toenails

If you have a memory foam bed, you don't even have to worry about spilling the nail polish: Gel memory foam is famously great at absorbing and neutralizing impact, so go ahead and wriggle around to reach those piggies. No amount of bouncing up and down is going to topple your bottle of Tutti Frutti Tootsies.

5. Write a Novel

Okay, maybe a novel is swinging for the fences, but you can get creative with a blank journal that you keep on your nightstand. Write a poem, a bucket list, song lyrics or keep a diary. If you're a morning person, use your book to keep track of your dreams before you forget them.

6. Host a Gargoyle Contest

This is strictly a memory foam mattress activity. (Sorry, box springs.) Press your face into your mattress and see who can make the creepiest or silliest impression. Judge quickly - the images won't last forever.

7. Unfriend People on Facebook

You know that person who's always posting really offensive stuff? Ditch him. Unfriending people is notoriously difficult, so settle in, get comfy and fire up Facebook. Your life will be so much easier without them, and you'll sleep better without the stress they bring to your news feed every night.