When you are deciding what type of mattress you should purchase, a good place to start is to check what other people are saying about a company they have already done business with. Companies that allow reviews to be posted to their website are saying to the world that they are proud of their products and want feedback from their customers.

At Nature’s Sleep, we recently added a new feature to our website in order to better gauge the peoples experience with our mattresses and to help others trying to decide what mattress to buy. We were not at all surprised to find that 94% of our customers have given positive mattress reviews for their new Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattress purchases.

Our memory foam mattresses contain Advanced Visco Technology memory foam that will actually respond to touch. The memory foam reacts with your body and provides you the perfect balance through the night, providing gentle support to your body while also cradling you with customized comfort. In addition, our memory foam mattresses also use organic and hygienic materials in an effort to not only help you sleep well, but also to nourish your well-being.

We received mattress reviews such as, “Best purchase I have made! I bought 2 queen and then a twin for the kids. They love the new beds and sleep so comfortably!” to “This was the BEST investment I’ve ever made!” to “Best mattress ever. I have one that is 5-years-old. They never feel any different. Cost savings. Never have to buy a mattress again. It’s amazing. I can’t believe more people don’t have one.” Another review read, “You will immediately benefit from a Nature’s Sleep mattress: after just one night, I felt energized and have not had ANY lower back discomfort since then. Thank you!”

Nature’s Sleep is pleased to have so many rave mattress reviews from our customers and we hope that this will help any potential customers who are considering opting for a memory foam mattress. We will continue to sell our valued products, but we are also always looking for ways to improve our technology and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and to minimize our carbon footprint.

We want to make a product that our customers can be proud of. For us, this means to be mindful of the environmental while also being a leader of sleep innovation. We take our mattress reviews to heart and know that they help us find ways to improve.