The mind and body are amazing, capable of doing so much more than we can even imagine. From pulling an all-nighter with a new baby to sleeping with our eyes open. There is very little known about sleep and the human body. Below is a compilation of interesting sleep facts that you are sure to appreciate!

10 Interesting Sleep Facts:

  1. Divorced, widowed or separated? People who sleep alone report more insomnia.
  2. Newborns sleep up to 18 hours a day, at irregular intervals with periods of up to 3 hours awake at one time.
  3. Are you a shift worker? Then there is a sleep disorder named just for you! Shift Work Sleep Disorder is a sleep disorder that disrupts the circadian rhythm, causing insomnia.
  4. Stop rocking that baby! Putting your baby to bed drowsy instead of asleep will help them become self-soothers.
  5. Different individuals have different needs when it comes to napping. Your teenager is probably napping during the day because they didn't get enough sleep last night.
  6. Drowsy driving is just not worth it! Up to 36% of American's drive when they are excessively tired or have reported falling asleep.
  7. It's your dream to snooze at work, isn't it? According to the National Sleep Foundation, you may be able to! A poll by the NSF reported that 34% of people said they were allowed to nap during breaks at work!
  8. Lack of Sleep=Weight Gain. Not sleeping enough causes a decline in leptin levels, which is one of your primary appetite regulating hormones. 
  9. If you sleep next to a snorer, you are one in 90 million disrupted in America on a nightly basis.
  10. There's a reason you recognize the people in your dreams. Humans only dream about faces that they have already seen!


Many of these sleep facts seem to be tied to sleep deprivation. Make sure that you are getting the rest that your body needs. Having a great mattress and an equally as great pillow can go a long way in giving you the best night's sleep that you deserve!

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