Benefits of BioCrystal
Achieves a balance of energies and harmony for both body and mind.

Adapts to the body’s specific needs – providing more energy to areas that need it most.

Provides uninterrupted energy flow, so you sleep soundly through the night.

Works immediately!

Nature's Sleep Bio Crystal

There are countless reasons we don't sleep well at night, from bodily aches and pains to daily stress. Your body's natural energy can help you heal – and now you can harness it while you sleep.

Introducing the BioCrystal® technology for Mattresses, an innovative new approach to revitalizing the body and mind. BioCrystal® mattresses allow and combine the power of crystals to enhance the natural flow of positive energy during ones sleep, so you sleep soundly through the night and wake feeling your best.
BioCrystal brings your natural energy to balance
BioCrystal Mattress Pad

~ living an intense, stressful life
~ exposed to physical and mental exertions
~ exposed to radiation
~ suffering from frequent headaches
~ with circulation problems
~ experiencing lack of sleep or interrupted sleep
~ with injuries causing an imbalance in natural energy flow

Doctors state that BioCrystal® stimulates circulation, balances energy levels and helps regenerate the immune system.
“I highly recommend sleeping on the unique BioCrystal® mattress pad to all who have decided that they want good quality sleep, and to maintain quality of life and energy for work." ~ Vlasta Brozičević, MD, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist
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