8" St. Barts Memory Foam Mattress

Average Rating: 4.8 Stars

Price:  $499.00   
Mattress Size: 
8” St. Barts Mattress - The pressure is off with 3” of Advanced Visco Technology Memory Foam right at the surface where you want and need it. The medium-firm feel contours and molds to you for a great night’s rest. Our 5” moderate density support core offers a great feel and extended durability. The 80/20 cotton blend velour cover is antimicrobial and zips on and off for easy washing. This is truly a great mattress at an even better price.
  • Rated Comfort: Medium-Firm
  • Proprietary combination of Nature’s Sleep Next Generation Visco Memory Foam
  • Pressure relieving comfort from edge to edge for optimal support
  • Naturally conforms to your body weight and temperature
  • Evenly distributes weight to relieve pressure points and reduce pain for a better night's sleep
  • Ideal mattress for those that suffer from illnesses that cause sleeplessness
  • Embossed, allergen-resistant removable and washable cover with non-skid bottom
  • Provides a medium-firm and supportive feel
  • Free Shipping
  • This Memory Foam Mattress is Eco-Friendly and CertiPUR-US® approved
  • Available sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • 3” Advanced Visco Technology Memory Foam
  • 5” moderate density support core
  • CertiPUR-US® approved.
  • Embossed 80/20 cotton blend velour cover
  • Antimicrobial Cover zips off and is Washable
  • All product sizes shown are approximate.

  • CertiPur-US Certified
    20 Year Limited Warranty
    Shipping & Handling is Free
    Ships within 1-2 business days
    Manufacturer by Nature's Sleep
    Designed in the USA
    Produced in both USA & China
    All product sizes shown are approximate.
    Product coverings may vary from product photographs.

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    Customer Reviews
    (21  reviews)
    Average Rating: 4.8  Stars

    Review By LuluFox Verified Buyer
    I bought this King mattress in September 2012 because of a phenomenal deal offered on Amazon, but I didn't replace my Queen bed until two years later in August 2014. It remained vacuum sealed in the box until then (not recommended). To my total surprise, after taking it out of the box and letting it breathe and expand the recommended amount of time, it reached the full 8 inches. I've been sleeping on it for close to a year now, and I'm absolutely in love with it. This mattress has been a total game changer for me. This is the best sleep I've ever had as an adult, and I rarely experience the normal back aches and pains that occasionally come with leading an active lifestyle. The mattress still sleeps like it's brand new, so it'll likely be awhile before I am shopping for a replacement, but as long as Nature's Sleep is in business, I'll be a customer.

    Review By Lizarraga Verified Buyer
    This was for my mom and I am very happy as she is sleeping a lot better and longer (she broke her hip and is not able to move very much).... thank you

    Review By Chris Verified Buyer
    When this mattress popped up on Groupon we were initially hesitant, because we couldn't find any reviews on the internet. We eventually took a chance because of the price, the memory foam, and the fact that it's made with natural materials. I suffer from allergies and woke up most mornings on our previous traditional (chemical filled) spring mattress feeling "hungover". Within 2 days of receiving the new Nature's Sleep, I was waking up feeling worlds better. Seriously, it was like night and day. Funny thing is we didn't by the mattress specifically for the lack of chemicals, we really bought it due to the firmer memory foam. I suffer from back and neck problems due to a ski injury in my 20's and our old mattress was too soft - I would awake in a lot of pain. This mattress is firm - not painfully so (according to my girlfriend who doesn't need a firm mattress - she loves it by the way), but perfectly so for my back. I never knew it would make such a difference. Anyway, it seemed a shame there weren't any reviews out there, so I hope my experience helps!

    Review By July_7_2014 Verified Buyer
    The Memory foam mattress what we ordered was not expanded complete to it's 8" expected height but they were able to ship memory foam topper without any charged to us. So far its been 4 weeks and it has been a good experience sleeping on the gel memory foam mattress... Thanks to Nature's sleep. We already have memory foam mattress from the other brand since last 3 years (Queen) and so far the Nature's Sleep mattress (ordered King) is wonderful. I will update after few months to provide more detailed review of the experience.

    Review By BoisePride Verified Buyer
    I am fairly new to the memory foam world and i asked the staff of nature's sleep about what my decision should be. This St. Barts was their option as it was a nice mix of medium all around feel. I got my mattress in 3 days. That was ridiculously fast! Faster than taking delivery from a department store maybe. It took me an hour to get used to the feel but I found out that I loved it by the end of the night. It has support where I need it but still comfy. A great upgrade from my lumpy pillowtop Serta. Awesome.

    Review By HotChevelle Verified Buyer
    I really adore my new mattress. These last couple of weeks after the break in period I’ve been having the most amazing sleep I’ve ever had. I’m no longer rolling off the sides and cradled each night and it poofs back into normal shape when I get out. Very fast shipping to get me out of my suffering from my old bed too.

    Review By rica0322 Verified Buyer
    I have only used the mattress a little over a week so far, but it has been very comfortable. I never slept on a memory foam mattress so sitting on the edge of the bed was a lot different. But once I climbed in I was very impressed. I find this one to be more soft than firm, but that could just be the memory foam effect. There were no pressure points on my body, and I'd like to think I am feeling more refreshed in the morning.

    Review By hiddenjob Verified Buyer
    Love this mattress. Got it with a groupon and did not know what to expect. Shipping was insanely fast, and the bed is incredible. So comfortable

    Review By AnnaMaria Verified Buyer
    Loved the mattress. Very comfortable. I sleep very sound and the mattress stays at room temperature and never heats up like other mattresses I had which is surprising, because it is now the dog days of summer. I highly recommend this mattress, great all around.

    Review By RebeccaV Verified Buyer
    After falling in love with this bed, I would have had no problems purchasing this at full price. I am so far in my 3rd week of ownership (arrived on the 24th of may) and my fiance and I feel incredible in the mornings. No groggyness throughout the day. The bed is moderately firm but has some pillowy softness to it which I adore. I also got a new foundation because my old one didn't feel sturdy to support the new mattress. This was a such a great investment and worth experiencing awesome memory foam.

    Review By JoshInCharge Verified Buyer
    Best sleep I've ever gotten and improving every week. I thought I was satisfied with the current mattress I had until I made the switch and now I am experiencing a whole new world of comfort. Saw their bed at a home show and discussed with the reps about what would be the best selection for me. After about 20 minutes we narrowed it down but at the time I didn't have the money. A month later they held an email promotion and I took a jump at it. It did take a while to get used to, about 3 weeks, but I stuck in there and it is now at the point where I am appreciative of the bed. Break in periods usually have people unsatisfied but you have to do it for mostly every big thing you purchase, especially mattresses.

    Review By allshowandallgo Verified Buyer
    This memory foam bed is awesome. I am looking forward to upgrading the Queen I bought for a King soon. It is firm, sturdy mattress but somewhat soft as it is memory foam after all. Still could be a bit more softer though. Great deal for the money for sure compared to expensive competitor mattresses. I would have never have heard of this brand if such a good deal didn't pop up.

    Review By lightsleeper Verified Buyer
    We needed a new mattress and heard about memory foam being good for your back. The price was right through a groupon, and we have been more than satisfied. Since I was used to a soft bed, I thought it would be too firm, but it's very comfortable. My partner loves it because his back never hurts. The only thing I would have done different is get the 12 inch instead of the 8 inch.

    Review By sybsoe Verified Buyer
    I had an 8" foam mattress that I had been using before I purchased this one, which had already formed an indentation where I slept on it even tho I had turned it end for end and flipped it regularly. I bought this one several months ago, and have enjoyed it thoroughly. I totally LOVE this mattress. It has not even begun to sag like the other one. I sleep through the night, wake refreshed, and it helps relieve my joint pains. I don't ever want to get up in the morning. I am retired and get to sleep in regularly. I finally found my very favorite sleeper, and I'm not giving it up!

    Review By StuckInBed Verified Buyer
    When I first got my mattress, i thought it was a bit on the hard side, but i still slept like a baby. Since then, i have added a down alternative fiberbed and i've never been happier. the only problem is i don't want to get out of bed in the morning! Also, as a bonus, it turns out memory foam mattresses are super easy to move, since you can just fold them up and throw them in the back of your car :)

    Review By Peaceful Sleeper Verified Buyer
    My husband and I ordered this mattress about a year ago. We were hesitant, because every memory foam mattress we'd laid on before was hard and stiff. But, to our surprise, we loved it and still do! We will have it forever! We love it!! So, very comfortable!!

    Review By ZackF Verified Buyer
    I just bought one of your mattresses and have to say that these past nights have truly been the most comfortable, restfull and truly enjoyable nights of my life. I've had knee and back problems for years and as soon as I lay down I can relax in true comfort. It's the best money I've spent in a long time. Seriously, I'm in love with my Natures Sleep bed. I've never slept so well until now!

    Review By Gary Verified Buyer
    First nights sleep on this mattress was significantly better than our previous spring mattress. Mild fumes dissipated in about 10 days. Easy setup. Register warranty online. This mattress feels just like the TemperPedic brand I tried out in a local store but sold at less than half the price. This may be the last mattress I will every have to buy.

    Review By jefferysgirls Verified Buyer
    We have had the bed for about a month and while firm it does conform to your body. We purchased after reading lots of reviews on this particular brand in different height options for the mattress. We decided on this one because the price was right. My husband was having back pain with our old mattress, a box spring that was about 6 years old, but with this his back doesn't hurt in the morning.

    Review By MaryGladys Verified Buyer
    I bought this for my son and as he was used to sleeping in our bed (a nice high end memory foam mattress). I bought this to encourage him to sleep in his own bed.

    Review By goodsleep Verified Buyer
    The mattress was shipped faster than expected and delivered in perfect condition. Some assembly required for the KD frame, yet it was simple. All that needed to be done after that was to roll out the air sealed mattress and let it breathe for a short time. The only thing left was the get a much needed good night's sleep on the Very comfortable Visco Mattress. It supports the body in all the right places to alleviate some of the otherwise ache's and pains!