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"I am totally in love with Nature’s Sleep St. Lucia Mattress! I’ve suffered from some pretty extreme back pain for most of my adult life from an accident in high school. I’ve tried pain meds, chiropractic care, massages, and several different types of mattress, toppers, pillows etc, but nothing really helped completely. Sure they all eased my pain a little, but nothing fully helped. When I first sit or lay on the bed it feels hard, but then the magic happens. The foam starts to soften and form around my body. It gives the right support, just where it is needed. After the first night, I woke up with zero back pain. It wasn’t tight, sore, or in pain at all. And then a week later I went on vacation for about a week and a half and missed my bed. I woke up with pain and soreness all over, boy did I miss my new mattress. I’ve had the mattress for a couple months now and don’t think I will be able to live without it."


"This 12" mattress is the Rolls Royce of mattresses, and the most luxurious of all the Nature's Sleep offerings. When my St. Cloud LUXE arrived, I could barely contain my excitement. Although my husband prefers a much firmer mattress than I do, he loves this mattress. I haven't gotten such a good night's sleep in several years, so I definitely appreciate the level of comfort I get when sleeping on this mattress. I love the velvety soft feel of the cover, and the support offered in the mattress, while remaining nice and plush, is absolutely incredible. Overall, we adore our St. Cloud LUXE mattress from Nature's Sleep. I get the pillow-soft, cloud-like feel I crave and my husband gets the support that he needs. It's definitely a win-win situation in my home."


"I have been blessed with a 12" Sapphire Mattress Gel Memory Foam King 76" x 80". This bed is pure heaven. This bed is like sleeping on a cloud, the way it supports your body is just magical. I’m on my 2nd week of sleeping on the mattress and always feel it relieving pressure, and providing me the comfort I so needed. I used to toss and turn until I was able to find a comfortable spot. Now as soon as I hit the mattress, and grab my pillow I am comfy as can be. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate this mattress a 16! I know, I said a scale from one to 10. This bad boy rates off the chart! If you’re on the market for a new mattress, we cannot recommend Nature’s Sleep enough."


"A night without waking up and kicking off the covers because it was so hot…amazing! A night of solid sleep…amazing! A night that actually both of my girls climbed into bed and I didn’t feel them…completely amazing!! Where has this mattress been my whole life?! I am still in love with it! "


"At first I was like ok this feels good but when it came to sleeping at night I was hooked. It was the best night sleep that I had ever had, its wonderful how the mattress contours to your body almost fitting it like a glove but not too much that your sinking in. We made an amazing choice in this bed because it was perfect for the both of us and we couldn’t be happier!!!"


" I must say it is the best memory foam mattress I have ever used!"


"Each and every time I lay on this one I feel like I am in heaven!"


"Who would have guessed that a simple pillow would have corrected all my pains!"


"They were so soft and had so much cushion, it was like I was walking on pillows."


"I have to say that I have never slept on a more comfortable pillow. It is amazing."


"The nights in which [my husband] uses the Faux Down pillow he sleeps soundly! "


"It really is plush and cuddly! I really felt like I was sleeping on a cloud! The Nature’s Sleep Faux Down Pillow is comfortable in ANY position (back, side or stomach) and I love how soft the 300 thread count cotton scrim cover. I do snore LOUDLY and I tend to have sleep apnea (surprised, aren’t ya? It’s true and my husband can vouch for me), but with the Nature’s Sleep Faux Down Pillow, I haven’t woken up in the middle of the night uncomfortable for weeks!"


"With regard to comfort and durability, the Nature’s Sleep pet bed is far superior to any that we have purchased from the store. "


"From the first night that I used it, this luxurious pillow felt like resting on an extremely strong and durable cloud."


"It is like walking on air and keeping warm all at once."


"The Nature’s Sleep slippers saved the day and saved my feet from feeling achy and sore."


"These slippers are so heavenly that they disappear often."


"It truly is the best combination of soft, but not too soft I’ve ever felt. When it unrolled I immediately hopped in the bed to see what it was like. I was met with a bed that snuggled me. I felt like my back was in the position it was supposed to be and I realized just how bad our previous mattress was. I’ve always like Memory foam, but this Vitex Memory Foam surrounds you in a way that you just don’t sink into. It envelops you in a cloud of comfort. I didn’t want to get up!"


"It’s transformed our mattress completely. I haven’t been tossing and turning and normally fall asleep as soon as I shut my eyes."


"These are certainly the nicest slippers I have ever owned. I love that each time I slide them on they still cushion and feel fluffy."


"Yes, my friends, I’m a convert! I could actually wear these all day long"


"What I love about the Nature’s Sleep slippers is that it offers the perfect balance of softness, support, and warmth during night time! "


"They’re super comfortable. I feel like my feet are walking on (non-sticky) marshmallows. You might say that my feet melt in them."


"My feet have died and gone to Heaven! I have been wearing the most wonderful slippers I have ever placed my feet in to."


"They fit perfectly! Not only did they actually fit my feet, I was very comfortable in them."


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