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Nature's Sleep Summer Sale!

Posted @ 7/27/2013 11:01 AM In Sale By

Do you have body pain, restless nights, or simply want to sleep better at night? You should consider our memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses have been proven to reduce aches and pressure points while keeping your body properly aligned. Our mattresses also contour to your body for maximum comfort. Nature's Sleep specializes in top of the line eco-friendly and allergen-free memory foam products. We offer many different mattresses like the incredibly soft St. Cloud Luxe, which includes a full 2" of memory foam! The Glacier Gel mattress is great for summer. This mattress offers the benefits of a traditional memory foam mattress. It's added benefit is an infused layer of gel beads to control moisture and temperature, keeping you cool throughout the night. Nature's Sleep offers so many different mattresses that you're sure to find your perfect fit! Currently, Nature's Sleep is giving you the opportunity to save 40% off of your entire purchase (adjustable foundations excluded)! The sale runs only from July 27-28, so hurry! Give your body the stress and pain relief it deserves at a fraction of the price! Use coupon code JULY40 at checkout. U.S. only.

*Excludes adjustable foundations

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