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Nature's Sleep Living Social Sale Is Still Going!

Posted @ 8/2/2013 11:20 AM In Sale By

Have you considered a memory foam topper? Memory foam toppers are great to have. They have so many different uses throughout the home. Toppers can be used to soften a hard mattress. They may also be used to help ease the pain of tired muscles.  They can even create a soft resting/sleeping surface on the floor if necessary! Is your sofa bed too hard? A memory foam mattress can stop users from feeling the discomfort of rigid mattress springs! Every topper includes the addition of a microfiber cover to protect both topper and mattress underneath, as well as keep the topper in place. Nature's Sleep also offers Biopolymer memory foam toppers formulated with environmentally friendly products to reduce odor and reduce moisture.Toppers are available in a thickness of 2.5", 2.75", or 3". August is a great month to purchase any-sized memory foam topper, thanks to our current sale. Check our August Living Social topper deal to save more than 50% on a plush topper you're sure to love!

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